(Blog #2) Accepting The Calling To Homeschool

Hey Everyone, welcome to day numero two.


We made it.

In today’s blog, I am sharing a little bit about our home school journey with my daughter P.

Yesterday (Friday) was a pretty good day.

P can officially write the entire alphabet (in lower case letters). For the past few months we have loosely (like very loose) used a  Montessori method of learning to write letters.

And like most good things, I found it on Pinterest. 🙂

The style we were inspired to use was this:blog_26

You can also check out the link to see other methods here. (Not sponsored, just a mom who found this helpful for myself and my kid. Hopefully it will help another mama out there as well.)

P is an extremely visual and tactile learner so we incorporated a makeshift sand tray (aka my old brownie pan and some sandbox sand) to help her “feel” the letters before having her trace or attempt writing the letters. There were many “letter of the day” days that turned into “letter of the week”. And there were other times where she would grasp the concept of creating a set of letters and we blew through them.

We love being able to work at her pace and slow down or speed up when we need to. It gives her time to master a skill on her level and at her pace. She then feels ownership and a real sense of pride in her work (she was so pumped today and so proud of herself!)

With a mixture of using the sand tray and tracing, it somehow made the letter formation “click” in her brain vs solely tracing the letters. Hopefully this method will have continued success as we tackle upper case and number writing in the next months as part of her “writing” lessons. (She has huge desire to read on her own, so we are slowly tackling some pre-reading skills/phonics throughout the week. Also math/counting.)

We thrive on structure, so our days are outlined (because for our crew, that’s what works best.) We’re learning that this home school thing is about doing what fits best for our family. Each kid is different and each family is different, therefor each home school experience is going to be different.

But please don’t let this post fool you to thinking that we are perfect at this. (Because we are not. Not even close.)

She’s a REAL, normal kid with REALLY-normal-preschool-aged-kid moments of straight up “I’m autonomous” moments. (I love those.)

Everyday (e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y.) is a constant (alllllllll day) lesson on following directions and listening and all that jazz.

And I’m a REAL normal mom who has a lot of health related off days that I have to push through. I’m still learning how to organize my energy output and when to let Husband help with the house stuff instead of being super-woman.

She’s normal.

I’m normal.

We have our “off days” just like everyone else.blog_25

And on those days, we end up just taking a break and coming back to the “lesson” the next day. We craft and/or watch Fixer Upper. (Gosh, I want to move to Waco!!!!)

I look at home schooling P as a calling from God. It was something that had been on my heart for a few years now and something that we have been “testing the waters” with for the last two years doing preschool with P . And at the start of this year, we have officially made it the choice of how our family will continue P’s k-12 education.

Now, I’m not advocating home school over public school. Or, home school over private. But, I am advocating praying and seeking wisdom from God to lead you to his plan  for your life verses your plan. Though being  a stay-at-home-mom was not my ‘OG’ life plan, due to circumstances beyond our control, I’m a stay-at-home-mama now.  And,  I’m thankful for this new journey , despite the way the journey came about. After fighting with God back and forth and finally surrendering (constant, daily surrendering) I started to let his plan unfold in my life little by little. And for our family, the calling to home school is apart of that.

Yes, we go places. Yes, she has friends. Yes, she interacts with other children. No, we are not stuck inside the house like cave people. (And no, she will not be a weird, unsocialized kid because she learns at home with her mama. I promise 🙂 )

Question for other families who have accepted the call on their lives to home school:

What do you think of the “All About Reading” , “All About Spelling” and the “Math You See” curriculum? Did your child enjoy it? Did you? Are there any other curriculum’s you would recommend for tactile/visual learners such as P? We are planners and are looking ahead for next year (Kindergarten Fall 2017).

Please make sure to leave a comment below and I will talk to you guys in the next blog! Happy Saturday!

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