Hey, Friends! How have you been?

Life has been going and chugging along.

I wanted to sit down and try (keyword “try”) to type out this post. It’s been churning in my heart and mind for a few days now.

(editor’s note: It took me over a week to get this typed out and off my brain because my hands and brain don’t do such a great job at communicating, especially at night. But, we shed a thug tear and push on.)

I’ll open this post with one of my favorite song lyrics. It was written by a little group from Down Under called, Hillsong United:

“Faith makes a fool of what makes sense.” (Hillsong United, “Here Now (Madness)”

It’s just one of those lyrics that just make me sit back and say, “wow…” because if you really think about it faith, true faith, really is somewhat illogical; isn’t it?

I was reading in Luke 5:4-7 the other day:

“When he finished teaching, he said to Simon, “Push out into deep water and let your nets out for a catch.”

Simon said, “Master, we’ve been fishing hard all night and haven’t caught even a minnow. But if you say so, I’ll let out the nets.” It was no sooner said than done—a huge haul of fish, straining the nets past capacity. They waved to their partners in the other boat to come help them. They filled both boats, nearly swamping them with the catch. (message bible)”

I think I may have read this chapter in Luke (and this passage) maybe three or four times this past year and something that didn’t stand out to me (until most recently) were Simon’s words, “But if you say so…”

And while the miracle Jesus performed was so amazing and wonderful, my focus was directed more on Simon this time and his attitude towards the whole situation; his crazy obedience… before the miracle. (It’s funny how God’s word reveals itself in new ways, right?)

Here’s the thing, Simon was an expert in what he knew to be true.

He knew his boat.

He knew how to fish.

He knew that he had been out there for a long time and that he hadn’t caught anything.




What Simon knew about his situation was so raw, that he even laid out his case about what he knew from his bad experience out there fishing on the boat before Jesus.

He told him straight up how things were going.

BUT, he also knew Jesus could be trusted.

So he did what Jesus instructed him to do, even though logically he knew it didn’t make any sense to cast that net out there one more time…

(It made no sense.)



Nada! )

Looking at my own life, I know the areas that I should just say to God, “I know what I know about the situation/about the disease/about that person, BUT if you say so… I’ll cast my net out again.”

I want to be a woman that will trust God.

He’s trustworthy.


I want to listen to His voice, instead of the tune from my disappointments and hurts, so I can hear when he tells me to pick up the tattered net of past experiences. And then I want to act when He tells me to cast my net back out into the same world that hurt me once before.

I don’t know how deeply Simon’s heart was tied into his fishing, but if it was his livelihood and “his thing” I’m sure some type of emotion was running through his heart when he looked at the time (I don’t how he would “look at the time” back then, but stay with me…) and noticed that he hasn’t caught anything.

Maybe disappointment.

Maybe he felt like he just wasted his time.

Maybe Simon had some frustration about the lack of fish in his net (And,I’m just going to make an educational guess here based off of the almost sarcastic comment he made about not even catching a “minnow”… that’s totally something I would say in that moment).

For you friend, maybe someone was just flat-out mean about an idea you had.

Maybe no one backed you up on your crusade to change the world.

Maybe people have made you feel like “nobody cares” about what you had to say, so in turn, you have stayed silent to avoid more heartache.

Maybe, just maybe, God is calling us to cast out our nets one more time.

I think Simon’s illogical obedience to Christ is something we should be paying more attention to, versus solely on the miracle that Christ performed.

The miracles that Jesus performed are super important, so don’t get me wrong,  BUT there’s something about Simon’s act of faith and obedience in that moment that just doesn’t make sense with the logic of his circumstances and his experiences;

But, I think that’s how God likes to operate.

Our logic will always be battling against our faith; the winner of the battle between logic and faith is up to us.

Think about some areas you feel God calling you say, “But, if you say so… I’ll cast that net out again.”

Lay out your concerns, your worries, about the areas in which you feel you’re an “expert in”; He’s totally going to listen. Jesus didn’t yell at Simon for stating the facts about what was going on; He didn’t tell Simon to stop being a big baby and man up. He listened and asked for Simon’s obedience.

Jesus didn’t yell at Simon for stating the facts about what was going on; He didn’t tell Simon to stop being a big baby and man up.

Jesus listened to what Simon said and then asked for Simon to trust him through obedience.

I know some areas where I have to do this, too (Totally preaching to myself with this piece); what about you?

Happy Day, Friends! I’ll catch you in the next one!


Ashleigh Marie is the founder of “From Ashes”. Jesus follower, wife, and mother. Living life with grit and grace. Homeschooling and fighting chronic health issues. Lover of decaf coffee (with tons of creamer), gold things, and llamas.
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