Blog #10-19 : DIY Pillow

Yeah, I’m terrible at this blogging thing. Not trying to give a bag of excused, but I just wasn’t able to sit down and blog like I wanted. Props to the people who can write everyday. The way my immune system is set up, heat is not my friend and my hands don’t want to cooperate.

Buuuut, Let’s Go!

I have had the same decorative couch pillows for over six years.

They were wedding gifts and are some extremely cute couch pillows (Thank you to the person who bought them and to Target. Thank you, Target.)

I wanted to update the look of our pillows WITHOUT spending a lot of cash.

So, what’s a lady to do?


Here’s what I did (with the help of P.)

I found some inexpensive pillow covers from Amazon (Arrow Pillow Cover & You Are My Sunshine Pillow Cover ).
I also found some pillow stuffing, fluff from Amazon (Fluff ).

(FYI: I am not being sponsored, nor am I receiving any cash-money for sharing this…I just like good DIY.)

So, it was pretty straight forward. The pillow covers are SUPPOSED to just go on top of your existing pillows, but I like being different.

I like a challenge.

So, I decided to stuff the pillow covers with the fluff.

The fluffy-stuff was pretty compacted into the bag in came in, so I had to do a little work to make the fluff… fluffy. P was really awesome at helping me with this part.
We watched an episode of “Fixer Upper” and finished up this simple DIY rather quickly.
This DIY is great for pillows that are for “Display” verses ‘actual use’ because the stuffing is not dense enough to withhold the shape (at least, I didn’t realize this until later. I will add more stuffing in and make it more dense). P has bounced and thrown her pillow about a million times since this has been made. The fabric is still intact, however the stuffing could use a little help. I may will go back in and add more.
One thing I was not too happy with was, one of the covers came with a blue-ink stain on the “tan” parts of the pattern.
Not a huge deal, but it is pretty much all over the pattern. I loved this pattern ( like A LOT), so I am kinda bummed about this. ( I haven’t contacted the seller yet, but I will and I will update after.)
If you try this DIY let me know how it went for you. What did you use to “stuff” your pillow? Is there a better pillow, stuffing, fluff out there?
I hope you guys are having a great day and I’ll check in later.


Blessings — Ashleigh Marie


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