As a mom, someday’s I may need a ‘Plan B’ when the chicken had gone bad before the expiration date. (Not cool, man.)

And, as a mom battling a chronic-progressive disease, sometimes I need a ‘Plan B’ because the disease doesn’t understand that it’s Monday and the laundry needs to be folded and that dinner needs to be made.
The MS doesn’t like to play by the rules, man. It likes to give you flares or worsen your “normal” at some of the most inconvenient times. (Does anyone else have times where they are living out of clean laundry bins? No. Just us? Okay, cool.)

So, what’s a mom of a preschooler to do when her body is “acting a fool”?

Have a plan ready to go. A “Plan B” ready to bust out when your ,already out of control, body is throwing a temper tantrum.

This is my ‘Plan B’.
A group of games and puzzles and fun stuff that you know YOUR kiddo will enjoy, even if they had to do it solo for a little. (FYI: Plan C is ready to go  If I feel as if I am having a particularity rough flare that makes it unsafe for me to care for my daughter alone. We have a list of people/neighbors etc who can take care of her until Husband get’s home. Her safety is ALWAYS #1.)
So with that, here are some of P’s favorite ‘Plan B’ activities besides the typical coloring books and with less mess than Play-Doh. (Uggghhh, Play-Doh makes me twitch just thinking about the mess.)
1.) Puzzles: The kid LOVES herself a good puzzle. We are fond of Ravensburger puzzles in our crib, but pretty much any puzzle will do (Target Dolla Spot!). The best thing about the Ravensburger Puzzles is that the pieces are HUGE(the ones for her age group anways) and being that she is three… it makes it easier to find the pieces if when she has a three year old “I’ve lost my mind” moment. #RealLife

We miss you, Mr. Fitch.

2.) Lincoln Logs: This one is a no-brainier for our crew. It’s fun to watch P not only build things with the L-Logs, but when she makes a full out ‘Lincoln Log Angel’ (think snow angel with the logs, guys), it makes my heart happy.

3.) Imagination Patterns: This was a really cool Christmas gift to P from my mother-in-law. We have nicked-named it the “Imagination Kit“.It encourages critical thinking and problem solving, while being super portable. If we’re having a declared ‘PJ DAY’, this is really easy for P to play with next to me. It’s also a great “Mom’s at a boring neurology appointment” toy as well.
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4.) Music: P is a music lover like her mama. We are known for vegging out on some Hillsong United or Toby Mac if I’m really having a rough day.
5.) Have a Hullabaloo: This is a new addition that was grabbed for only a few bucks from Goodwill (#winning!). P has fun busting a move and I feel a little better because I feel like she’s getting some type of physical education. (Kinda, maybe, perhaps?!) Hullabaloo!!!! 
6.) The Box Car Kid: P loves a good ol’ fashion cardboard box. Washable markers are my friends. Her imagination is awesome to watch unfold. Blu box courtesy of the floor baskets I ordered from Land of Nod children’s home decor. (Probably the best cardboard box I have ever seen.)
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7.) Daniel Tiger is a friends to all: If all else fails….If the Preschooler is NOT IN THE MOOD for your crafty attempts at getting them to “play”, throw up the white flag. You tried. You’re still a winner in my book.
Sometimes we need to call in the reinforcement of a PBS show I like to call, Daniel “My Best Friend” Tiger. Sure, the songs are kinda annoying, but its a good show. He teaches things. He’s not a naughty kid running a muck. There are seriously a million-trillion shows that are worse.
So hats off to you, Daniel Tiger.
(PS… I’m totally not sponsored by any of the above. I just really like this stuff for my kiddo. But, I wouldn’t mind a discount if anyone threw one my way, but if not, I’m still happy 🙂 #shamelessplug )
So, this isn’t a complete list of what we do for our ‘Plan B’ days. I am totally not perfect, but just a mom who is honestly trying to “Mom” despite being sick. Pinterest has a ton of ideas for Preschool/toddler busy bags as well. Also, the Dollar Tree is my BFF for coloring books and crayons.
What’s on your ‘Plan B’ list? I would love to know, so please leave a comment below.


Blessings — Ashleigh Marie

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