Happy Fourth of July! I hope your day going well. The blog today will be a combination blog for days 3 and 4 of my July Blog Fest 2016! (Who doesn’t like a good combo?!

(Blog #4)

Today’s memory verse in school was Ephesians 6:10 “Be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power”.

Honestly, life stuff today was tough because I was still feeling wrecked-from-within due to ‘The MS’, but also because our lovely neighbors put on a pre-Fourth of July show last night… over our house. P was not all about that life and our newest family member, Molly-Mol (A boxer -lab mix pup), was not a big fan either. P spent most of the night up and down and up and down. And Molly-Mol barked and whined.


(photo:P’s rock collection.)

Fun times, guys. Fun.Times.


Here’s a quick snap from our adventure yesterday and a quick blog I wrote about the day (Blog #3):

This mama is sporting bags and dark circles reminiscent of a night without sleep. And a grumpy, weary soul to match.

I could feel God tugging on me to get into my word before we did anything else. And with how my immune system is set up, I can not afford to go throughout the day on my own strength. Trying to depend on my own strength literally and figuratively is like drawing a tap at an empty well.

Our memory verse this morning was a short and simple prelude for my daughter to learn and deposit on her heart, but also a much needed kick in the tush for me to remember the solider that I am. After verse 10, Ephesians goes on to tell us to put on the FULL Armor of God. To remember to be ready at any moment for battle with God’s armor on and so that after the battle we could still be standing.. firm.

Here’s a quick snap from our adventure yesterday and a quick blog I wrote about the day (Blog #3):

(photo: carpe diem/ yolo/ throwing cation to the wind.)


(photo: does anyone else over pack for stuff like this?!)

Fatigue is a vicious monster that has plagued me most of my life and until the most recent three years or so, I had no name for this constant issue.

Normally when I’m feeling like I could pass out even though I’m already horizontal , Husband and P would spend the day (or at at least part of the day without me). I hate it . It’s hard on everyone . It makes me feel crappy.

Today I knew I had to chill out and just stay still … But since I’m me, I wanted to do with a twist .

At the beach.

I know … If you know me, spontaneous stuff is not my thing, but the forecast wasn’t ├╝ber hot (not the best for me but not deathly warm).

I still rested, just not in bed today .


I took a chance . We packed the things .Husband grabbed a comfy chair. And the Lord provided some shade with a random tree-weed in the middle of the beach (I was actually chilly ).

Now I’m not saying that I’m completely abandoning all of my planners and my label maker (let’s not get carried away, guys). But I am learning to seize the day a little .. God’s teaching me that he will provide for me if I can trust him. With the big and small things . With my “good “days and my body is wreaked days .

A little glimmer of joy and Gods grace today.


Stand firm today. Love today. Forgive today. Pray for The United States, our families, our leaders, our world… Happy Fourth, guys. Thank you for checking out the blog!

Hold on...I\\\\\\\'m thinking...

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