(Blog #6) An Original Haiku:

Alrighty, I had a pretty bleh day but I wanted to end tonight on a creative note.

blog_12So, naturally I thought I should write a Haiku. (Who doesn’t like a good Haiku in the evening?)

The good ol’ 5-7-5 rule of a Haiku and it’s short 3 stanza poem format.

The first line starts off with 5 syllables,
followed by a 7 syllable line
that then ends with another 5 syllable line.

The line do not have to rhyme (but I’m sure you could grab some extra credit if they do). I have not written a Haiku in YEARS. but I thought I would give it a try. (I was going to try a limerick, but I that failed and my brain is not in the mood for that right now…)
So, here’s my Original Haiku:

Grace like fire blaze,
In His love I stand amazed.
Life forever saved.

— Inspired from my devotional tonight in Luke 12

I’m no poet, and I sure do know it. (Snaps for tryin’? I ain’t cryin.)

(I’ll stop now.)

Are you a poet writer? What are some of your favorite poems or poets?

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll catch you later!


Blessings¬†—¬†Ashleigh Marie

Hold on...I\\\\\\\'m thinking...

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