(Blog #5) Praying with confidence :

Does anyone else get a nagging feeling that your prayers aren’t important enough to be heard? Insane as it sounds, I sometimes will not share a prayer request with a friend because I feel as if maybe , perhaps, they’ll get tired of me always asking for prayer. Especially with this chronic illness stuff.

And sometimes I pass same attitude into my prayers life with God.

Like, ‘maybe this isn’t that important and I don’t want to waste God’s time with this same thing again…’

I know, that’s some majorly, wrong thinking that’s not true at all.


I’ve been reading through the gospels lately and came across the story of Lazarus.

blog_13And I know the story of Jesus and Lazarus in John 11:17-37; it’s one that is talked about and referenced because of how great of a miracle it was. Jesus and his disciples had raised the dead may times before this (one person before this being a little girl), but this was with a twist because Laz had been dead for four days. This story is super amazing and even more so jaw dropping awesome because it’s true. (I have no words for how awesome that is/was.)

But the major thing that gets my heart is Jesus’ prayer / conversation with his Father before performing this particular miracle in John 11. In verses 41 &42 Jesus pretty much is thanking God for hearing him and also saying that he knew that God always heard him.

In my own prayers, do I pray knowing that I’m actually being heard? Like REALLY knowing that God isn’t just brushing me off super quick to get to the more important prayers of a much more important person. That my prayers, even the ones that are so weary and weepy that they’re incoherent, matter.

Do I pray with the same confidence as Jesus did knowing that I’m a child of God?

I matter that much, guys.

You matter that much.

Lord, I need that same confidence as Jesus had when he prayed to you .

Confidence knowing that you hear me and Thankfulness in my heart because knowing that you hear me.

Thank you for not blowing me off. Thank you for taking the time to listen, like the Father that you are, to me your child.

Hold on...I\\\\\\\'m thinking...

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