“I  will  remember  the  deeds  of  the  LORD;  yes,  I  will  remember  your  miracles  of  long  ago.” 

Psalm 77:11


Have you ever just sat back and reveled in where God has you in life? Though it may be nothing like you dreamed, or even wanted, you can see that your life is so much better than anything you could have done for yourself. So well-orchestrated, that all you can do is throw your hands up and say, “Thank you, Lord!”img_0041

That’s where I’m at.

That’s where I want to keep my heart at.

“We are an on-going renovation…”

We are on the tail-end of a renovation for our home. Renovation 2016.

When we were originally house shopping, over three years ago, we did so because rent for our small townhouse was ever-increasing and financially, it was a better choice to buy a home versus continue to rent. Our realtor was amazing and asked the basics questions that any good realtor should ask: how many bedrooms, price range, location, etc., etc.

We were given a stack of about 15 or so homes that met those specifications. Some were instantly thrown into the “nope” pile, while others were delicately placed into the “yup” pile (we’re classy like that).

After a few months of looking and not finding the “one,” we reevaluated our piles and started to relook at some of the homes in our “nope” group. There was one home, in particular, that looked just plain terrible in the paper copy photographs and in person it really wasn’t much better.  Choppy layout, every room was painted a different neon color and a backyard that we did not dare enter because it resembled a jungle.


Living room wall before Renovation 2016.

That’s the house we bought.

And over time we painted the walls, bought new windows, opened doorways, switched rooms around and most recently took down a two walls (Fixer Upper Style #DemoDay); slowly transforming the house from the “nope” pile, to what our family needs. (And since we were reno-newbs, we are without the before photo’s to prove some of this stuff… but trust me, we have made some major improvements over time.)

Talking to Husband, I asked him what was it about the technicolored-mess of this house that made us buy it, even though there were other options. And we can’t come up with a solid answer. As our story unfolds in this little home more and more each day, it’s becoming more evident that it was just another “God-thing.” We can’t explain it, but we are sure glad we listened.

We talked about my homecoming from the physical rehabilitation center, and how our home met their checklist for me to safely return home with my entourage of accessibility tools (with some minor adjustments of adding ramps and widening the bathroom door). We talked about how our home is just on the edge of service for the public transportation system P and I use weekly to get around town. We also just sat in awe at the fact that not too far from our home, there is a wonderful building that supplies resources and support for homeschooling families in our area. And though this home is not the world’s “most perfect home”, it supplies our family with what we need to thrive in what we do.

“There’s always a plan…”

We could not have planned this on our own, even if we tried.


Renovated living room wall that opens to the kitchen.

And sometimes we need to sit back and throw our hands in the air and remember all that God has done for us, especially when it seems like things are rough.

In Psalm 77:11, the verse says “I will remember the deeds of the LORD; yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago.”

Sometimes we have to look up and remember.

I’m truly thankful for the many blessings that I’m holding. Blessings that I did not earn or buy or even deserve, but blessings on my life that were given freely by a Good Daddy who loves me; who cares for me and finds me worthy.

A Father in the truest form who could foresee that one day I would need certain things in my life, so He carefully set those things up for me years before. So that I could run and do well in a season of life where I would need them most.

Just Godly provision and timing and careful creation beyond any words or human understanding that’s just too good to be simple “luck”.


“Thriving where I am planted…”

Thriving where I am planted guys. I’m thriving where I was planted. (Also, my next plan is to tactile the kitchen cabinets with a little diy makeover, so look out for that on the blog in the future.)

Are there areas in your life that you can see God’s hand and provision and even protection? What did you learn? Comment below, I’d love to read about it.

Thrive everyone, Thrive!

Ashleigh Marie <3


Ashleigh Marie is a Christ follower, wife and mother and owner of “From Ashes” where she writes lifestyle blogs about her crazy, grace-filled life.


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